PEIMS Terminology/Acronyms

PEIMS Acronyms


PEIMS Terminology

Entry Date – First day that student is physically present during official attendance period.

Leaver – A student enrolled in grades 07-12 during the previous school that withdrew either during the previous year or failed to enroll in the succeeding year.

No Show – Student enrolled at the end of the previous year that did not return and was expected to enroll in the current year.

Over-reported Student – A student for whom PEIMS leaver records are received when none are expected because the student was not enrolled during the previous school year or the student is not enrolled in grades 07-12.

PID Error – An error related to a student’s name, date of birth, gender, ID, or ethnicity based on previously reported data.

PEIMS – The Public Education Information Management System is the vehicle by which Texas public schools report data in the areas of the organization, students, staff, and financial to the Texas Education Agency.

PEIMS Snapshot Date – a date, established by the Texas Education Agency, on which student, employee, financial, and organizational data submitted via the PEIMS Fall submission is based upon.

Under-reported Student – Student enrolled in grade 07-12 during the previous school year that has not been accounted for through the submission of PEIMS enrollment records (for returning students) or PEIMS leaver records (for graduates, dropouts, and other leavers).

Withdrawal Date – First day that student is not in membership.

Additional Resources

TEA – Student Attendance Accounting Handbook - This manual provides the guidelines for the maintaining of attendance records. Audit requirements and guidelines for maintaining of special population are also included.