Payroll Department

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    The goal of providing exceptional customer service is achieved by a conscientious team of payroll professionals dedicated to serving the needs of the District community through friendly and effective communication with a pledge for continuous improvement, thus assuring that we are providing the best service to our fellow employees. We believe that performing our jobs by always striving to reach over and beyond what is expected is the key to being a successful department for our District; this will be accomplished with as much flexibility as possible, consistent with District Board of Trustees’ policies and state and federal laws and regulations.

    Code of Ethics

    The DISD Payroll Department fosters and advances an environment of ethical business conduct by a commitment to our Code of Ethics:

    *Respecting Others-             
    *Working and communicating as a team-      
    *Making sound, fair and rational decisions-
    *Being accountable for our work and actions and abstain from fraudulent conduct-
    *Maintain the security of personal information and handle with integrity and confidentiality-
    *Access only data required to perform our assigned responsibilities

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