• Donna ISD believes one of the best investments a parent can make for their child is to enroll them into an early childhood program with highly qualified teachers. Over the few years, Donna ISD has enhanced and strengthened the early childhood program with a one-of-its-kind early childhood center (M. Rivas Primary Discovery Academy) that serves only PreK 3-2nd grade, along with a state-of-the-art playground for hands-on learning. Donna ISD also offers PreK 3 & 4 programs at elementary campuses district-wide.  B.G. Guzman begins its early childhood program with PreK 4. All early childhood classrooms have new classroom libraries that are sure to enhance your child's love for learning.


    RD Immunization        RD Birth Certificate        RD Parent-Guardian ID        RD Proof of Address        RD Social Security


    *Proof of residence must be presented each year. Present a current utility bill (light, water, gas, or lease agreement) under the parents/guardians name will suffice.

    *Prueba de residencia debe presentarse cada año. Será suficiente presentar una factura de servicios públicos vigente (electricidad, gas, agua o contrato de arendamientol) a nombre de los padres/tutores.

    Other Documents / Otros Documentos

      • Proof of Guardianship/Custody (if applicable) If a child is not living with his/her parents, proof of legal guardianship or custody is needed. / Prueba de custodia/tutela (si es aplicalbe) si el niño/a no está viviendo con sus padres/tutores, prueba legal de tutela o custodia es requerida.
      • Proof of income (current income tax or current check stubs). / Prueba de ingresos (impuesto sobre la renta actual o talones de cheques actuales).
      • Government benefits received: TANF, SNAP, SSI / Beneficios del gobierno recibidos: TANF, SNAP, SSI

    * Please bring original documents to campus. / Por favor traiga los documentos originales a la escuela.