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  • Application Procedures

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      1. Create a user name and unique password. Save for future use.
      2. Required fields in red must be completed to submit your application. Use the navigation buttons to move to the next page.
      3. The online application allows you to attach PDF documents. Please do not mail or fax documents.
      4. If you start the application process but do not submit the application, the information will be temporarily saved and your application will not be viewable to hiring managers.
      5. When you submit your application, you will receive a message indicating your application has been successfully submitted.
      6. As a vacancy occurs, administrators have access to the applicant database and may consider applicants for an interview. Interviews are based on vacancies and need. Please do not contact supervisors or schools -- you will be contacted if you are selected for an interview.
      7. Applications are inactive after two years. To remain in an active status, you will need to update your application and resubmit.
      8. If selected for employment, you will be contacted to discuss hiring requirements, salary and reporting dates.
      9. In accordance with Senate Bill 9, a person recommended for employment after Jan. 1, 2008, must be fingerprinted and cleared before starting work. As an applicant who has been recommended for hire, you are required to pay the fee when you are fingerprinted.
      10. If you have questions about the content of your application, contact Human Resource Services at 956-464-1606 or by email. If you need your user name or password, please click on forgot user name or password on the Applicant page.